The Bellflower Menís Suit Outlet has provided its customer base with an easy way to shop. All the suits are color coded to make it easy for you to recognize the price range for each suit.

Tagged Suit: $99

Tagged Suit: $133

Tagged Suit: $166

Tagged Suit: $199

Tagged Suit: $233

Tagged Suit: $299

Tagged Suit: $499

10% discount for any purchase of $299 or more
Free tie with any purchase of $50 or more.
(Only one coupon can be redeemed at a time)

The special consist of the following:
Buy any three suits and receive all the following items for FREE:
3 Dress Shirts
3 Silt Ties
3 Leather Belts
3 Cotton Socks
3 Pocket Hankies

The choice of suits can be mixed and matched between the different tags at a prorated cost. Below are some examples of packages:

-Example # 1: 3 Yellow tagged suits: $299.00
Individually, these suits would cost $99.00 each
-Example # 2:
1 Yellow Tagged Suit: $99
1 Green Tagged Suit: $166
1 Gold Tagged Suit: $199
Total cost: $564 and each package includes:
3 Dress Shirts
3 Leather Belts
3 Silk Ties
3 pairs of Cotton Socks
3 Pocket Hankyís.

The Bellflower Menís Suit Outlet has a large selection of shirts and high end ties to upgrade to if so desired. We also have French cuffed shirts along with French cuffs, and a great selection of casual wear for every occasion.


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